The Lagouvardos is open bay with sandy beach length 2km, the golden sand combined with a natural landscape puts the country's most beautiful beaches.




The beach Vromoneri an option for residents of the surrounding villages, as is a picturesque beach with direct access. The beach is covered with sand, and there are several stairs from which you can get to it.


Gold coast


The Gold Coast is characterized by the golden color of the sand and great length extent. Somewhere in the middle of the beach you will find refreshment and tennis beach volley, while there is always a quiet spot for those who do not want the world.



Voidokilia is definitely the most popular beach in Messinia. As water theater, it consists of an almost perfectly round bay of fine sand, which traps within the crystal clear turquoise waters.

The unique shape of the bay and its place in the lagoon, making the waters are shallow and cool. Even when blowing strong winds in the area, the beach is always calm, without waves. Near the beach, offers the shade of a large rock, where the top is the "Palaiokastro" chronology 13th century.

Mesogeios hotel



Marathopoli or fennel, the southwest part of Messinia is a beautiful

and picturesque seaside chorioudaki.Vrisketai in tourism strategic point,

placed an equilateral distances from various places to visit.

In Marathopoli will enjoy relaxing holidays in the heart of Messinian beaches, with

many options for excursions. The village belongs to the village in the coastal area of ​​Costa Navarino

just a few kilometers from the Navarino Dunes golf resort complex, in one of the most enchanting

seaside landscapes in the Mediterranean.


Marathopoli, Greece

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